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It has been said  that a society is best  judged by it’s people and  their accomplishments. If that is so, our  society has had some people to be proud of. Like all of us, no one of us is above making mistakes or showing bad judgement, strength comes from recognizing mistakes and doing what one can to correct them. I could sit here and praise Tim Russert easily and without much dispute. That is, if I were the type to just wax poetic about any subject I wish to delve into. Tim Russert was not one to wax poetic , unless he was discussing sports and the teams and players he cheered for. admittedly  I am that way about sports too. 

The sudden passing of Tim Russert has left me feeling great personal loss. and no I did not know him personally, though I am sure it would have been my priveledge . He was the one political pundit who would ask the questions that people of intellect and seeking the truth would actually want asked. And he would do so regardless of who he was interviewing. Were there times when he “drank the kool aid” being offered by the government? yes there were. He accepted the notion of Iraq having nuclear weapons of mass destruction as if it were fact. When in fact it was not so. Has he supported people that are or have said truly dispicable things? yes he did. he was essentially silent when his good friend Don Imus callously degraded  the Rutgers womens basketball team. So no he is not perfect. Where he excelled was in taking on political issues in a devils advocate way, with great research, and great preparation. It was not easy to feed Tim the Kool Aid. but as stated above, not impossible, just damned hard, and you got the impression when he was fooled or lied to he would take it personally. My anecdotal example of this was when Tim confronted Vice President and liar extrordanaire  Cheney on on 2006 episode of Meet The Press. On the other hand one of Tim’s great virtues was his loyalty to friends, despite the afforementioned Imus comments, Tim never publicly took the sleazeball to task, he surely would have had he not been a guest on Imus show a multitude of times. The point being –is having a loyal friend (from Washington of all places) that stands by you regardless of what you say a bad thing? or is loyalty unquestioned the virtue many people think is? I honestly cannot answer that one. it is too damned complicated, apparently, in the Imus case neither could Tim.

In closing, I know that here in the USA we are a poorer country today because of the loss of Tim Russert. People or a country cannot easily or possibly ever replace someone that is the very best at what they do, regardless of the vocation. Tim was the best at what he did, Like Tiger Woods is the best and Roger Federer is the best, losing the best, especially in such a sudden and  painful way hurts us all.

Rest in peace Tim. And may Your family and friends feel the love and respect that the rest of us who don’t know you, and have never met you feel.