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I am hardly a big fan of yours, I have found you at times to be overbearing, obnoxious and a braggard. I also respect that those are the exact reason you are as successful as you are, and I accept it. I stopped following  you on Twitter  for those reasons , In the age of economic chaos. I did not want to read tweets  about a  Tesla.I stopped listenning to TWIT when you or Dvorak are on , but I always  find you more based in fact than John.
NOW let me say this, I read all of the emails I get from you, and NONE, and I mean none have hit the mark with such precision as the recent one on Apple and Steve Jobs.I offer you major congrats, and a humble thank you.
I became a Mac freak beginning in 07 , while I dont have the income or tax writeoff you have to own everything they make I own a Mini, MBP, Apple TV. iTouch. iPhone 3gs, Airport express and god knows how many service plans.
I got to the point that the proprietary nature of Apple has soured me so much, that the last computer I bought was a Dell . simply because it was a superior bang for the buck, and not a closed system.
I do want to veer off topic and let you know of some insidious practices by Dell that you may want to investigate.
When I bought the PC in May it came with a nice extended warranty. of course it took an hour or more to receive a reply for service. The service center was off shore, which of course is not always a bad thing, I am not a xenophobe. Here is the insidious part you may find disgusting as I did. Dell had one of these off shore reps with a heavy accent offer me premium service with the ability to talk to “people who sound like me” for an additional $179 a year. First off. it is demeaning to have people that work for you have to even make that statement. Secondly, it is an admission that the service they offer is not up to the so called world class service they always claim to have. Thirdly, you get the service and you are expected to do the under the hood replacements of parts , whether you are capable of doing so or not.  I know Apple has issues. but there is no way in hell that would occur. Apple will fix something themselves at the genius bar or send it out.
Dell should be outed for this behavior, I know this may sound anedoctal but trust me, or investigate it yourself, and you will see I am not exaggerating one iota.
Again, kudos on the email and blog post, and you have re earned by respect for the integrity you showed in this article, and especially by waiting for Jobs’ health to improve to report it.

Robin  Live in NYC


It seems to many people feel that Citi Field, the new home of the N.Y. Mets is a shrine to the Brooklyn Dodgers. This is based in part on the fact that the rotunda  of the stadium is called the Jackie Robinson rotunda. I figured it was my turn to weigh in on this topic, and related topics.

I believe that Wilpon is still a  Dodger lover going back to his days as a youth, Yes, he owns the Mets, and they are his team, but the  Brooklyn Dodger part of his life still resides within him. I have been to the Polo Grounds when I was little, I’ve  never been to Ebbets feild, it was gone by the time I became aware of baseball. I Think Wilpon could have honored the old Brooklyn ballpark, and US,  the taxpayers who  surely helped pay  for it by calling  the stadium Debits Field.

I truly admire Jackie Robinson for all he did, and endured, in fact MLB has honored him already by retiring his jersey number 42  from further use, and it is proudly displayed, as it should, in every major league ballpark.  but he should be honored more specifically  by the Dodgers.

If Wilpon wanted to honor a Brooklyn Dodger, then the late Gil Hodges should have had the rotunda named after him. at least he played for the Mets, hit the teams first home run,managed the Mets to  their first world series title, and lived in Brooklyn until the day he passed away. I guess Freddy would rather honor Dodgers than Mets  As usual he is wrong.

I also wonder who will throw out the first pitch in the new ballpark? Mrs. Jackie Robinson?

I submit the following candidates.

Ralph Kiner who has been there since day one, Tom Seaver for so many reasons I need not list them all here, Jack Fisher, the pitcher who threw the very first pitch at Shea Stadium. or even Roger Craig who started the very first game the Mets EVER played. My concerns about Fisher and Craig are that the pitch they throw may travel 500 feet like most of the pitches they threw ..but I digress 😀

I am sure the Wilpons will find a way to screw this up too.

Please share your thoughts,

Today January 20 2009 is a day that I never thought I would live to see in the United States Of America. The election and subsequent inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as 44th president. But after having a few hours to reflect I submit the notion that I should not be as surprised as I was. As I have stated here before on previous commentaries I love to look at history. I study with an open mind and a generally receptive attitude to being corrected when I am indeed wrong about something. My previous commentary about this election is a perfect example of me being proven wrong. I had little faith that our country could overcome it’s historical racism and elect an african american to be president. While many states in this country still have a ways to go in that area, the majority of people have absolutely overcome that blight on us as a nation. I still wonder how states like Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia, three of the economically poorest states in our country could overwhelmingly vote for another Republican after eight years of downturn, so apparently there is still much ingrained ignorance for us to overcome as a nation. but I digress. The reason I should not be surprised is South Africa. That country had systematic apartheid as its course of government. One could hardly find a place less likely of having elections where a man such as the historical figure that is Nelson Mandela could be elected as president of his country.
When that historical moment finally seeped back into my thought process, the events that began on the first Tuesday of November 2008 all became less of a surprise to me.
I hope that today was the beginning of the United States Of America’s next step in seizing the greatness that we seemingly let slip away in the last few decades. We will need to be less greedy, less selfish, less xenophobic and more willing to look at new and better ways to conduct ourselves. I know THIS. we have some of the greatest minds in technology and science here, and although the term “re-engineering” is an 80s business buzzword the fact is, that is what we must do as we go towards the future.

Ok. I will say it now. What happened yesterday with  US Airways flight number 1549 piloted by the amazing Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, aged 57 , IS beyond incomprehensible! What should have happened  based on similar situations with airplanes ,  NEVER  happened! That is an astonishing moment for a city. a country and for all  people in general lately who  have  have seen or read nothing but news such as another bank failing, well known company collaping under it’s own weight. or an ultimate low life like New Yorks personal ponzi  scheming, charity robbing sack of dog shit who I wil not mention by name.

Let us all hope that flight 1549 end result  becomes  a beginning of change of fortune for all of us.

History of major proportion on january 20th. Appreciate it!

Good riddance Mr. Bush , I wish you well out of office with no further comment.


I spent a part of the day last week in the borough of Brooklyn , USA. Its where is was born a few months back 😛  ..OK maybe not a few months ago. All I can say is, it has been many moons since I wandered about my old home town–and all I can say Is WOW– its amazing what the city has done to spruce up Flatbush avenue on the Grand Army Plaza side of Prospect Park. It looks like Greenwich Village in parts, with coffee bars (not named starbucks)  boutiques , and nice restaurants. When I left Brooklyn this area was damn near in complete shambles. Before I get told I was using “code words” to describe the area, let me add this- the diversity of cultures thankfully STILL exist there, as the improvement goes on, so you can spare me your cynicism.

The construction being done on the way to the Manhattan Bridge is in full force , I can only imagine the area after the Nets move in from the hell hole they play in in NJ. I added some pictures of the area including pictures from the newly upgraded Prospect Park and its zoo.

I had a fun day a week or so back at the Bronx Zoo. Its sweet to say how much more civilized the animals in the zoo are treated these days. A far cry from the days when animals had barely enough room to stand up or walk around the cage. Its not perfect yet, but its still a cool place to visit in NYC. Check out the photos, there will be more to come.

Thanks for visiting

Hi and welcome to my new blog. Today is day one of what I hope will be many .