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I am a Brooklyn born NYC native. I am silly, irreverent,serious,irrational,logical,loving,cynical,

occasionally intuitive, intelligent and my mentality for too many  things are that of an average teenager. I love old horror movies,NYC sports teams (NOT named the NY Yankess or NJ Giants) I also enjoy music from Bach to the Beatles , Rolling Stones To Mozart, Ella Fitzgerald to Frank Sinatra, Elvis to Ellington, Bird to Brubeck. British Invasion to Ludwig Van The Man.

I  have discovered that I am not into “bling” aka fancy jewelry, custom made clothes, or luxury cars–my caveat is- I own 2 high end LCD HD TVs, A 5.1 surround sound A/V system, a Macbook Pro, mac mini, an XP Dell machine, 2 satellite radio systems, Directv ,time warner cable, new camcorder and new panasonic digital camera. is that considered “bling”? if it is? shhhh   ok?

the most important thing to me is my family,yea I know cheesy–get over it. ;D


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