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Hi Kiddies,

It has been awhile since I have sat down and posted anything new to this blog space. I hope all is forgiven. I have been busily working on creating a podcast for the last several months. I had to buy some equipment, learn how to use it, and  plan it as carefully as I can given I am a member of the Fundsalow family of entertainers.

Let me tell you a little bit about what the podcast is and will be . The main focus of the show is to give me a chance to be a radio disc jockey with my own rules, my own playlist, my own spin..pardon the pun,  on how it should be done. I am not going to pretend that it is overly original. Many people, including bonafide radio professionals do this daily across the internet, They have accumulated more resources  , and  possess more skill  than I could possibly ever hope to conjure up. What I aspire to do,and was inspired to do, is play great music from literally any genre, decade and in some cases century. I will add what I hope is some wit to the proceedings, as well as radio jingles from the past, and “guest” comments throughout most some cases the guests may even still be alive.

I have had many  amazingly talented radio disc jockey influences . Murray” The K” Kaufman of 1010 WINS New York is the first disc jockey I recall  listening to on the radio as a child. The others were the WMCA Good Guys on Fabulous 57, The All Americans on 77 WABC . and  New York City’s  original free form rock radio disc jockeys at  WOR-FM  that soon changed  over after some “programming genius” who I will not name,  got his grubby hands on it, the upside was it helped inspire the great disc jockeys working there to move over to a new station, New York’s legendary WNEW-FM 102.7.

I could go on naming all of disc jockeys that influenced  me as I prepare for my weekly show, but the fact is, there were and continue to be so many that it would require a separate posting. I would also like to thank the great people I have encountered doing live internet radio rekindled  my  flame. You guys know who you are.

I appreciate anyone that subscribes or listens to the program.  Below I will leave the RSS feed as well as the URL if you choose to subscribe. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for your time.




One Comment

  1. Nice job and I will check out your podcast when life’s order is restored…probably next week!

    Lady Canada

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