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Monthly Archives: March 2009

It seems to many people feel that Citi Field, the new home of the N.Y. Mets is a shrine to the Brooklyn Dodgers. This is based in part on the fact that the rotunda  of the stadium is called the Jackie Robinson rotunda. I figured it was my turn to weigh in on this topic, and related topics.

I believe that Wilpon is still a  Dodger lover going back to his days as a youth, Yes, he owns the Mets, and they are his team, but the  Brooklyn Dodger part of his life still resides within him. I have been to the Polo Grounds when I was little, I’ve  never been to Ebbets feild, it was gone by the time I became aware of baseball. I Think Wilpon could have honored the old Brooklyn ballpark, and US,  the taxpayers who  surely helped pay  for it by calling  the stadium Debits Field.

I truly admire Jackie Robinson for all he did, and endured, in fact MLB has honored him already by retiring his jersey number 42  from further use, and it is proudly displayed, as it should, in every major league ballpark.  but he should be honored more specifically  by the Dodgers.

If Wilpon wanted to honor a Brooklyn Dodger, then the late Gil Hodges should have had the rotunda named after him. at least he played for the Mets, hit the teams first home run,managed the Mets to  their first world series title, and lived in Brooklyn until the day he passed away. I guess Freddy would rather honor Dodgers than Mets  As usual he is wrong.

I also wonder who will throw out the first pitch in the new ballpark? Mrs. Jackie Robinson?

I submit the following candidates.

Ralph Kiner who has been there since day one, Tom Seaver for so many reasons I need not list them all here, Jack Fisher, the pitcher who threw the very first pitch at Shea Stadium. or even Roger Craig who started the very first game the Mets EVER played. My concerns about Fisher and Craig are that the pitch they throw may travel 500 feet like most of the pitches they threw ..but I digress 😀

I am sure the Wilpons will find a way to screw this up too.

Please share your thoughts,