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Ok. I will say it now. What happened yesterday with  US Airways flight number 1549 piloted by the amazing Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, aged 57 , IS beyond incomprehensible! What should have happened  based on similar situations with airplanes ,  NEVER  happened! That is an astonishing moment for a city. a country and for all  people in general lately who  have  have seen or read nothing but news such as another bank failing, well known company collaping under it’s own weight. or an ultimate low life like New Yorks personal ponzi  scheming, charity robbing sack of dog shit who I wil not mention by name.

Let us all hope that flight 1549 end result  becomes  a beginning of change of fortune for all of us.

History of major proportion on january 20th. Appreciate it!

Good riddance Mr. Bush , I wish you well out of office with no further comment.


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