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As of a few moments ago Hillary Clinton continued to indicate, or expouse that  she would still win the Democratic Party nomination. It seemed kind of sad to see her best speech of the campaign be her last one as a nominee. She went out with dignity, class and and with many disappointed followers.

As a person that has always found politics facinating, I can never recall a primary process that I found more bread and less meat in my lifetime. Most of this blame, of course goes to how long the primary season was. Too much food can make you sick, too much politics can make you even sicker, although its much easier to avoid politics than eating thankfully.

So now I will present my perception AKA the facts as “I” see them in regard to the campaign. O where must thee begin. well… Mrs. Clinton truly had the upper hand as it began, she, along with her team of mis-advisors did herself no favors, Many of the AD attacks on her opponents were ill-advised and in many cases beneath contempt, Yes! I know politics breeds contempt, but even a person such as I have a limit. Mr, Obama’s ADs were simply a classic case of buzzworditis .The word “change” was used by him more often than the grand total of  all nurses working in pediatrics departments. The effect was hypnotic to some, subliminal to others, and proof that he had no “specific” issue to hammer home to a group of other people. It did prove effective ,and he deserves major credit for saying so little and accomplishing so very much.

It is also my belief that race and sexism played a very major role in the process. The Clinton camp, led by her husband used racism in  very tasteless ways, If I did not know better, I would have thought Karl Rove was advising him by using the old “appeal to the lowest common denominator of our people”  method and expoit away. very disappointinting. In many way Bill may have cost her the nomination, what should have been a great asset became a constant situation of her minions explaining what Bill said to alledgedly what Bill meant to say, either way it was a disaster.Again very disappointing.

The sexism charge clearly falls on the lap of political pundits on the air (Chris Mathews, David Shuster.and take your pick of Fox pundits) and in the press all around the country. It was unseemly and disgraceful.

So here we are Obama vs McCain in 2008 . My cynical nature leads me to believe the attacks on McCain will focus on his age, his support of our currently inept President, and his temper. The attacks on Obama will be more insideous and harder to actually “see”  (racism)  along with the usual “he is too inexperienced, among other attacks that the GOP Rove types will shortly manufacture,

I will close this by stating that as a person I genuinely like McCain, despite being in the same party, he has never feared attacking the inept administration for the many blunders they have blessed us with. He is however, now embracing the support from this motley crew and to me that is hypocrocy and sickening and also politics as usual. I cannot see myself supporting  him.

As for Obama, he has shown that he can handle mudslinging very well. Can he handle it from a party that has a masters degree in it will remain to be seen. My guess is yes. His biggest hurdle will be the “covert” racism that exists in this country. While most people will say all the right things about how great it is to have an African American running for the highest office in the land, it concerns me that when they get in the voting booth, the true colors (pun intended) of the voters will be tested in a way that cannot be foreseen. I STRONGLY recommend that you ignore exit polls after the voting. few voters will state that they voted for McCain for the racist reason that they did. They will say anything but.

America has a chance to prove its greatness and enlightenment in the upcoming election. Here is hoping they take that chance.


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