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I spent a part of the day last week in the borough of Brooklyn , USA. Its where is was born a few months back 😛  ..OK maybe not a few months ago. All I can say is, it has been many moons since I wandered about my old home town–and all I can say Is WOW– its amazing what the city has done to spruce up Flatbush avenue on the Grand Army Plaza side of Prospect Park. It looks like Greenwich Village in parts, with coffee bars (not named starbucks)  boutiques , and nice restaurants. When I left Brooklyn this area was damn near in complete shambles. Before I get told I was using “code words” to describe the area, let me add this- the diversity of cultures thankfully STILL exist there, as the improvement goes on, so you can spare me your cynicism.

The construction being done on the way to the Manhattan Bridge is in full force , I can only imagine the area after the Nets move in from the hell hole they play in in NJ. I added some pictures of the area including pictures from the newly upgraded Prospect Park and its zoo.


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